Letter: No sickouts for charter school teachers

All charter schools in Michigan were open Tuesday. Sadly, the doors were closed at Cass Tech High School in Detroit leaving students home coming off a recent three-week holiday break. Teachers called in sick as a form of a protest.

No sickout for charter school teachers

Cass Tech, representing the shiny success model of DPS schools and one of the largest public schools in Detroit, was dark because teachers were not concerned about meeting the needs of their students and parents. Students have to compete to attend Cass Tech. But they sat at home rather than receiving an education in the classroom. Teacher sickouts have closed numerous schools and kept students home in December.

These actions by teachers are another example of why conversations regarding DPS schools are failing to focus on the kids. Teachers had three weeks to go to Lansing and protest their grievances rather than doing it on the dime of taxpayers and the future of Detroit students.

Too many of our children have been ill prepared for their next steps in life due to the failures of outdated systems.

The focus should never be about the preservation of jobs or governance models. The focus must be on allowing students to access academic programs that give them the same opportunities as students in every other city in this state and country. Charter schools were open.

Jared Burkhart, Michigan Council of Charter School Authorizers

Originally appeared in The Detroit News.