Oversight and Accountability Standards

The members of the Michigan Council of Charter School Authorizers (Michigan Authorizers) believe choice is a necessary element in public education. They endeavor to build strong, accountable educational options by authorizing and overseeing high-quality schools in neighborhoods across the state. The decisions made by Michigan authorizers help shape the leading edge of Michigan’s educational landscape, making sound, consistent authorizer judgment essential. To support effective decision-making, the Michigan Authorizers have developed a set of thoughtful, rigorous oversight and accountability standards to help guide Authorizers work and communicate what matters most.

The standards reflect the ideals of the Michigan Authorizers diverse array of members. In essence, their adoption reflects a shared pledge to one another and to the public that quality authorizing is paramount. The standards can be used as a resource for policymakers and the public seeking to learn about authorizing. They may also help charter school developers in Michigan and nationally as they seek to understand how authorizing determinations are made in our state. Finally, these standards support students and families as they seek to understand the factors constituting real educational quality.

The Michigan Authorizers initial Oversight and Accountability Standards, adopted in 2005, have served to inform and improve authorizer practices across the United States. Moreover, they have provided valuable ideas to state-level policymakers interested in expanding educational choice without sacrificing quality. Many of the Michigan Authorizers ideas relative to supporting excellence in Michigan public schools have found their way into our shared public discourse.

During the past year, Michigan Authorizers’ members have come together to advance a shared discussion of school and authorizer excellence. The 2013 edition of the Michigan Authorizers Oversight and Accountability Standards reflect careful dialogue and the latest advancements in authorizer practice.

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