Our Mission

Members of the Michigan Authorizers seek to advance public school choice and accountability by supporting high-quality oversight and serving as a unified voice for authorizers across Michigan. The Michigan Authorizers are governed by an eleven-member board of directors, who collectively operate according to the following guiding principles:

  • Choice is a necessary element in today’s system of public education.
  • Quality must remain the most central focus for authorizers, school operators, and policymakers alike.
  • Autonomy and innovation are essential to ensure the promise of Michigan’s charter school movement and contribute to the success of K-12 education in general.
  • Accountability is crucial.  Quantifiable, data-driven results must be achieved and supported at all levels of K-12 public education.
  • Charter schools that fail to achieve adequate results pursuant to the terms of their charter contracts should face appropriate consequences, up to and including closure.
  • Authorizers have a responsibility to provide input, advocacy and support for public discourse on K-12 education issues.
  • Policymakers and authorizers alike must ensure appropriate levels of accountability and oversight for all Michigan schools.