SRO Statement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                               Contact: Jared Burkhart

Jul. 18, 2017                                                                                        517-487-4848



From Jared Burkhart, Executive Director

Michigan Council of Charter School Authorizers


“Yesterday it was announced that low-performing Michigan schools facing SRO action may be close to reaching a negotiated legal settlement with the state.

“This is another clear and costly evasion of school accountability, and represents a shocking disservice to the state’s taxpayers. Instead of actually holding low-performing schools accountable for failing their students, the Governor has rolled over to those who have used valuable time and money to sue the state instead of educating children.

“While traditional schools—and the institutions that oversee them—seek to evade clear statutory accountability measures, Michigan authorizers will continue to be the only entities in the state with the fortitude to enact meaningful consequences for schools that fail their students.”

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Members of the Michigan Authorizers seek to advance public school choice and accountability by supporting high-quality oversight and serving as a unified voice for authorizers across Michigan.

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